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Qualitative Market Research

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Our Clients

Mojo Fieldwork has a wide range of clients. Some are multi-national companies, others independent researchers. All of them however, receive the same quality of service to ensure their projects are completed on time and on spec. Every time.

Here's what some of them say about us:

"Dan at Mojo Fieldwork is like an extended member of our team. We’ve worked with him for several years on recruitment challenges of all shapes and sizes, and he consistently provides an excellent service, delivering the recruitment we need no matter how tough the criteria or timelines! Always responsive and with a hands on approach, working with Mojo means we can focus on the project and client knowing that the recruitment is expertly taken care of."

Kate Sheerin, Board Director,
Elephants Can’t Jump

"It's a pleasure working with Dan. Not only is he a lovely guy to work with, but he makes our life easier as we always know he will deliver exactly what he has agreed. His client servicing is excellent - he goes out of his way to accommodate tight timescales and find the more tricky recruits and will always follow up to check we're happy customers."

Helen Nuki, Partner, Monkey See

"We’ve worked with Mojo Fieldwork since founding The Crow Flies and always trust Dan to add value, honesty and humour to the recruitment process, as well as do all the silly niggly little things that any research project demands, particularly turn things around at pace and with accuracy. All of that is by-the-by though - what really counts is the number of times that our clients tell us how well the research has been recruited - at the end of the day, that’s what counts"

David Preston, Founder, The Crow Flies

"You have to be able to trust in the accuracy of recruitment - especially with what seem to be ever-tightening deadlines. We have faith in Dan and Mojo to deliver the respondents we need, when we need them and against sometimes difficult odds which show an enthusiasm and dedication to getting the job done - no matter how challenging and for that, we very much recommend Mojo"

Simon Burgess, Director,
Vertu International

"We have a great working relationship with Mojo. Dan is always honest on feasibility up-front and then delivers on the recruits without fail. It’s a partnership we can really trust to deliver.”"

Graeme Cade, Director, Circle Research